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Summer of Math Exposition


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The 5 winners are

The Mathematics of String Art

String Art recreates an image using string. An algorithm is used to calculate the order in which the string needs to be wrapped around the nails. This video is about the mathematics behind this algorithm.

Minimal Surfaces & the Calculus of Variations

Bubbles naturally try to minimize surface area, and so for a given boundary, what is that surface that is formed? In this video we will derive the Euler-Lagrange equation from the Calculus of Variations and apply it to derive the formula for a catenoid that is formed my making a bubble between two parallel rings.

Pixel Art Anti Aliasing

A full walkthrough of the motivation, background, derivations, and implementation of an efficient anti-aliasing filter for rendering pixel art.

Rethinking the real line

We take a geometric approach to rational numbers, to rethink how to organize the real line. Along the way, we visualize Diophantine approximation and continued fractions. And your favourite number, pi.

How Computers Use Numbers

An exploration of how modern computers interpret bits as numbers, building some common number formats from the ground up

The 20 honorable mentions

Escaping a Nuclear Explosion: how the Enola Gay survived

A Subtle Aspect of Circular Motion

Watching Neural Networks Learn

Mathematical Magic Mirrorball

How did the Ancient Egyptians find this volume without Algebra?

Making a Pitch Shifter

The Mosaic Problem - How and Why to do Math for Fun

When CAN'T Math Be Generalized?

Chasing Fixed Points: Greedy Gremlin's Trade-Off

What Happens If We Add Fractions Incorrectly?

Rotation + Translation = Rotation. Animated proof

The Longest Increasing Subsequence

How Infinity Works

Affording a Planet With Geometry

The Art of Linear Programming

Can you guess this shape from its shadows?

The Matrix Arcade: A Visual Explorable of Matrix Transformations

Functions are Vectors

Cayley Graphs and Pretty Things

How does a computer/calculator compute logarithms?

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