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Summer of Math Exposition

All SoME3 non-video entries

Trying to Understand Irrational Numbers Using a Rational Way


The General Theory of Curiosity

The Christofides Algorithm: Approximating the Metric TSP Problem

Persistent Homology: An Interactive Demonstration for Biologists

Gradient boosting as a "blind" gradient descent

The Principle of Least Action: An Interactive Lesson

Thinking About Color Perception

The Animated Transformer

Navier Stokes Answered in the Negative

Visualizing the Impossible

A Categorical Speaking Indictment

The Topology of Snake II

A tale of a doubly twisted adventure

Linear Dependence/Independence of Vectors in a Matrix

How to Divide by Zero — High School Calculus

Fermat's Last Theorem (without elliptic curves)

The T-Shirt Puzzle

The Turtle prototile is not periodic, a simple proof.

Subregular Languages

The Formation of a Duck Wake

Quantum measurement, explained right

The Fifteen Puzzle

Where is the Parabola?

Multiplying by 9

Mathematical proofs with cardboard and paper

Modern Introduction to Calculus

Unconventional Transitivity

Confounding Compounding Interest

Statistical Pi(e)

An Elegant Proof Based on a Physical Model

Functions are Vectors

The Treasures of Trigonometry

Knotting is math. (So does everything.)

Cayley Graphs and Pretty Things

Gradient descent - interactive visualization

How Computers Use Numbers

Two visualizing proofs of the Pythagorean theorem


Romance in the upper half plane


Will I draw an epidemic card in Pandemic? (and more)

The fast Fourier transform as a matrix factorization

An Introduction to Graph Theory

The Phantom of the XY-Plane

Exploring Fractals


Race restarter math problem

Exploring General Relativity

Need help to solve logical problems, Human?

Understanding Generative AI as Galton Board

Triangular Automata


Audible numbers

How to measure a circle

Magical orbs, mathematical inquiry and the magician.

Where are the big roofs for Solar?

The Metric System on Goldilocks Earth.

How to programmatically touch grass

Area Arrangements

Dice and Calculators and Simplex numbers

The Split-Void Numbers


How do you cut it?

Interpretation of the Eigenvalues of the Hessian Matrix

Spreading Gossip on The Web: Algorithms for Distributed Systems

How LaTeX plots edges

The Matrix Arcade: A Visual Explorable of Matrix Transformations

Finding the Equation for the Volume of a Sphere

How to Discover Generating Functions

Fmath: Fast Float math

Why 24 - String Theory? String Practice!

Big Ideas in Applied Math: Markov Chains

Learn to Nim

Introduction into the Basics of Information Theory

Colorbindings of Chess Variant Pieces

Hacking Numbers

Induction on Graphs: Reducible Configurations

What is the Curve whose Points Bisect the Tangent Segment?

On a Blunder of Millennia

Function...ing well

The Parable of the Muffins

After image

Desmos Dissections: Fellowship of Areas

Who shuffled these?

Physics Does Cartwheels: The Power of Abstract Spaces

A Study In Greyscale

Partial Fraction Trick with Complex Analysis

Boltzmann Waiting at a Bus Stop

Solving an Unsolved Problem in Knot Theory

The Hidden Universes of the Compactness Theorem

Guided Relativity

Intuitive Eulers Formula

How does a computer/calculator compute logarithms?

Function Transformations: A New Perspective

The Language of the Mechanical Universe


Hint the Hidden Heirloom

a visual exploration of raycasting

Exact Circumference of an Ellipse: Equation and Mathematical Reasoning

Structural Emergence: The Fractal Geometry of Nature

The Trouble of Bowling Turkeys